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    Hope this types of posts are allowed here, if not, I’ll remove this.

    So long story short, my dps sucks majorly. Which is annoying since I would love to do more trials. And since I’m not really good at theory crafting in this game, I need some help coming up with why my dps is so low and how I should go about fixing it.

    My max dps in dungeons and trials is about 25k. Here ( is picture of what item sets I have tried and what my cp looks like. I know I should go for Moondancer jewlery but until I get my dps up I can’t really do vMoL properly. I have been trying to follow alcasts Summoner build as well as I can.

    My rotation is Curse>Liquid lighting>wall of elements>pet>heavy attack>reapply curse>heavy attack>shock clench>heavy attack>reapply curse and start the rotation again. I’m using Salmon Millet soup as my buff food and some essence of spell power potions (on vet raids only).

    I am only cp508 but I feel like my dps should be higher than 25k. Any help would be very much appriciated so I can start my search for those Moondancer pieces!


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    A few comments to help you:
    – MA staff is an important source of extra dommage, so you should do your best to get a MA lightning staff.
    – put 75 points in thaumaturge to get the passive that gives u 10% extra dmg on off balanced target
    – spell dmg enchant on your jewelry instead of reg Mana
    – use shock enchant on front bar and keep weapon dmg enchant on back bar, you need to put your target off balance as much as possible

    and of course get as much gold pieces as you can

    You can practice in vMOL with 25k dps…when we did it first time, average dps was not higher than that.

    Good luck

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    Thank you Zybelle! I’ll try out those things (guess I need to finally dare into Maelstorm Arena). Need to try make time for the vMoL training runs in the future! Both times I’ve completed it, it took 4-6 hours and unfortunately haven’t had the time to dedicate to those runs lately :\


    These types are definitely allowed and most welcome!

    – I’d start by picking up 2x Slimecraw & using that with either 5 Julianos/Necro 4 IA/MD.
    – Farm Veteran Maelstrom Arena with this until you have any vMA Lightning Stave (transmute it to Nirnhoned).
    – Next, or in between vMAs, you’re farming normal MOL to pickup your Moondancer Inferno stave (transmute it to Infused).
    – Next, need to attend the LND Saturday Night vMOLs (or start your own raid) to Farm your Legendary Moondancer 1Necklace 2Rings. Make sure to use 3x Legendary Spell Damage glyphs.
    – Frontbar Shock Glyph, Backbar Spell Damage.

    Using Julianos+Moondancer
    – Farm a Light Ilambris hat, transmute your shoulder to Divines.
    – There will be fights where Valkyn Skoria might do more than Ilambris so have that ready also.
    – Re-craft your Julianos so your Chest is Heavy, Breeches are Medium. All Divines.

    – Frontbar: Crystal Frags, Curse, Crushing Shock, Inner Light, Pet – Meteor
    – Backbar: Blockade, Liquid Lightning, Shield, Mage’s Wrath, Pet – Destro Ulti
    – If the Trial/Specific Trial boss your on isn’t pet friendly, switch Pet to Bound Aegis.

    Champion points
    – Download 2 Addons. Combat Metrics and Constellations
    – Do a parse on a skeleton, dungeon or trial boss. Calculate the Report & on the Constellations window click Combat Metrics Import. This will show you your Stats & Damage Ratios, and on the 2nd window suggestions for changes in your CPs.
    – Alternatively 75 Thaumaturge, 56 Elemental Expert, 61 Elfborn, 38 Spell Erosion will work just fine.


    Very informal, thank you!

    Got my work cut out for me nicely:) But from now on I shouldn’t feel like I’m dragging my team down in raids!


    Hello Naharil,

    I wrote down my own setup here:


    I hope this gives you a little overview and you shouldnt have a problem reaching 30k+
    It’s not perfect, but i hope it helps a bit 🙂

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