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    Stamina Nightblade is currently one of the top DPS setups in the game. This quick overview of how to setup your Stamblade will hopefully help you to create a powerful DD to help your group. We’ll only be looking at setups for Time Trials & we’ll be using the Gear and Addons I usually rely on. I must point out early on that I am by no means the best Stamina Nightblade player, far from it in fact. The gear is the standard Meta for stamina Nightblade this patch & we’ll also discuss how best to get hold of it all.

    – FPS, Latency & Peripherals
    – Game Settings
    – Addons
    – Farming
    – Gear, Skills & CP Setups
    – Rotation & Parses

    FPS, Latency & Peripherals
    Frames per second (FPS) is a big factor in whether you can control your character properly and do a consistent rotation. Playable setups should be around 30 fps in intense fights, but preferrably around 60 fps is much more desireable.

    Latency or Ping determines how quickly information can be sent or recieved from the Gameservers. The lower the latency the faster data can update, such as your character’s in-game position, skills/light attacks firing, and thus your reaction time to incoming mechanics. A latency of 60-80 ms (milliseconds) is desireable whereas a latency of 300ms or more will result in much delay with what’s happening on your screen and what’s actually taking place on the Megaserver.

    Peripherals is a fancy word for your Mouse, Keyboard & in this case your Mousemat. If you are using a 1994 original Roll-ball grey Acorn branded Mouse, with a Keyboard that is more biscuit crumbs than machinery, and a Frozen glossy mousemat that you got free from the cinema several years ago; then you’re in trouble. Having an actual Gaming Mouse, decent keyboard and a large cloth/glass/rubber Mousemat will improve how well you can control your character.

    To read more about getting the most out of your system read either our Building an ESO PC guide or our ESO Performance guide.

    Game Settings
    Video Settings control how well the game looks but also affects your FPS with High/Ultra quality settings significantly reducing your framerate in intensive fights (of which there are many in Time Trials). I’ve listed below which setting I use for each available option.

    Display Mode: Windowed (Fullscreen)
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Vertical Sync: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Off

    Texture Quality: Medium
    Subsampling Quality: High
    Shadow Quality: Off
    Water Reflection Quality: Off
    Maximum Particle Systems: 1028
    Particle Suppression Distance: 50
    View Distance: 25

    Ambient Occulsion, Bloom, Depth of Field, Distortion, Sunlight Rays, Grass & Show Additional Ally Effects: Off

    Audio Settings

    Subtitles: Off
    Music: Off

    Gameplay Settings

    Foot Inverse Kinematics: Off

    Combat Cues: On
    Custom Colors: On (Friendly Color: Light Green | Enemy: Light Pink)
    Double Tap to Dodge: On
    Ground Targeting Range Lock: On
    Quick Cast Ground Abilities: On

    Tutorials: Off

    Combat Settings

    Ability Bar: Always Show
    Attribute Bars: Don’t Show (I use LUI)

    Combat Text – All: On
    Buffs & Debuffs – All: Don’t Show (I use Srendarr)


    Addons are both a blessing and a curse in Time Trials. They improve the base game in so many ways but also can greatly reduce your FPS. This is because the game uses a scripting language called LUA for players to write their own plugins in, which is great, but at the same time your computer then has to then calculate more data per second during intensive fights.

    First Addon to get is Circonian’s Addon Profile Selector. It is an Addon to manage your Addons. Click here to visit the ESOUI page or search the name on Minion. Once installed, go to Settings > Addons & Create a New Profile at the top of the page called “Raid”. I’ve listed the Addons to have enabled under this Profile below, click Save once they’re active.

    Action Duration Reminder
    AlphaGear 2
    Combat Metrics
    Raid Notifier


    Farming Gear is quite easy on Stamina Nightblade. Only the Daggers of Advancing Yokeda & Vicious Ophidian are rare enough to take some time to collect, possibly some days or weeks depending on which type of group you run with. They should drop more often in Normal HRC/SO rather than on Veteran. If you’re in a Guild and have friends who can join to help you farm this considerably lowers the time needed.

    Whilst farming for the Gear below you might want to wear Hundings Rage and Night Mother’s Gaze which are both Crafted Sets, and you can use Agility jewelry which is bought cheaply enough.

    5 Main Sets

    Vicious Ophidian
    Normal or Veteran Sanctum Ophidia – (2x Daggers, 3 Armor/Jewelry Pieces)
    Two Fanged Snake
    Normal or Veteran Sanctum Ophidia (5x Armor/Jewelry Pieces)
    Relequen/Perfect Relequen
    Normal or Veteran Cloudrest (5x Armor/Jewelry Pieces)
    Advancing Yokeda
    Normal or Veteran Hel Ra Citadel (2x Daggers, 3x Armor/Jewelry Pieces)
    Night Mother’s Gaze (Optional)
    Crafted – The Rift, Reaper’s March or Bangkorai (2x Daggers, 3x Armor Pieces)

    3 Monster Helms

    Cradle of Shadows, Shadowfen
    Selene’s Web, Reaper’s March
    Fungal Grotto, Stonefalls

    2 Maelstrom’s Bows
    Veteran Maelstrom Arena, Wrothgar

    Gear Setups

    Using AlphaGear 2 Addon you need to now setup at least 3 Custom Keybinds. When you press each of these keys your Gear & Skills will change automatically to a new Setup. I’ve got mine set to Numpad 1, 2 & 3.

    1 – Trash Setup (Normal Setup)
    Velidreth, Vicious Ophidian, Two-Fanged Snake.

    2 – Boss Setup
    Kra’gh/Selene’s, Advancing Yokeda, Relequen.

    3 – Daedric Boss Setup
    (Use this on 1st & 2nd Bosses vAA, 3rd Boss vMOL)
    Same as above, except backbar enchant is now a Prismatic Glyph.

    4 – Trash Setup (Debuff Setup) [Optional]
    Velidreth, Vicious Ophidian, Night Mother’s Gaze.

    Rotation & Parses

    A Good Rotation during mechanics is the main factor behind most of your damage. You can have the best PC, the best Internet, the best Peripherals, the right Addons & a Perfect Gear Setup; but if your Rotation is bad you will do bad DPS.

    Those who spend the time, effort and patience to learn their rotation to the point of not thinking about it anymore are those that will do the most damage. Spending alot of time first at a skeleton getting practice at both a Solid Rotation & a Dynamic Rotation, then the effort of learning all raid mechanics, and finally the patience to stick with it and ask for help even when you’re not progressing atm.

    Trash Rotation

    Pre-Buff: Channelled Acceleration > Leeching Strikes > Relentless Focus > Deadly Cloak

    Endless Hail > Light Attack > Caltrops > Light Attack > Acid Spray x5 with Light Attacks > Weapon Swop
    Light Attack > Deadly Cloak > Light Attack > Relentless Focus > Weapon Swop

    • Drop Dawnbreaker whenever it’s ready.
    • If you’re using Night Mother’s Gaze remember to switch bars every 8s to refresh the debuffs with Steel Tornado.
    • When the mobs reach around 40-50% HP switch to Steel Tornado instead of Acid Spray. Keep Endless Hail & Deadly Cloak up.

    Boss Rotation

    Solid Rotation

    Pre-Buff: Leeching Strikes > Relentless Focus > Rearming Trap

    Light Attack > Endless Hail > Light Attack > Razor Caltrops > Light Attack > Poison Injection > Light Attack > Incap Strike/Leeching Strikes > Weapon Swop
    Assassin’s Scourge > Light Attack > Rendering Slashes > Light Attack > Surprise Attack > Light Attack > Rearming Trap > Light Attack > Assassin’s Scourge > Weapon Swop/(Light Attack > Relentless Focus > Weapon Swop)

    • Refresh Relentless Focus as soon as it runs out. If you’ve completed the rotation properly it should be after every 3rd bow proc on Weapon Swop.
    • Refresh Leeching Strikes every 2 rotations. So either Leeching Strikes or Incap when on your backbar.
    • Execute Phase: Light Attack > Endless Hail > Light Attack > Poison Injection > Weapon Swop > Light Attack > Rearming Trap > Killer’s Blade x4.

      Do not refresh Relentless Focus, Rending Slashes or Caltrops anymore. Killers Blade instead of Surprise Attacks.

    Dynamic Rotation

    The Dynamic Rotation focuses on having a higher amount of Spectral Bow procs, higher Hawk Eye passive uptime, more Incaps used & shorter downtime on DoTs. It requires alot of barswops at the right moments and isn’t something you can write down unfortunately.


    6 million Target Skeleton

    Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about this Build, reply to this post or whisper me in-game on PC EU Megaserver > @kilnerdyne. Thanks for reading.




    Hi Eddie

    As usual a super helpfull guide specially for noobs like me that need some obvious stuff pointed out.Iloved the game set ups.

    thank your for your tips.


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