Veteran Banished Cells

Keeper Areldurbanishedcells

Now this boss is going to be a fire caster with 2 fire atronach adds behind her these adds need to die fast so everyone needs to be DPSing these adds down the tank will need to pick up both the boss and the adds. Now the boss like the normal pyromancer trash shoots two fire AoE circles onto the ground so you just need to avoid those however the main mechanic she does is projecting lines of fire out from her position in all directions. These are easier to dodge at long range so I suggest the tank and any melee DPS fall back to dodge these just to make the healer’s life easier.

Maw of the infernal

For this boss the tank does most of the heavy lifting (If your healer hasn’t got cleanse or purge) as the boss will put a debuff on the player he is aggroed to that spawns fire wherever the person he is attacking is standing. So the strategy again if the healer isn’t a templar or doesn’t have purge is to tank the boss alongside the outer edge of the room while the healer and ranged DPS stand in the middle, melee DPS will not stand behind the boss as he shoots a cone of fire opposite the direction he is being tanked so you want to keep the boss between you and the wall. Now if you have good DPS you shouldn’t need to do more than one and a half laps however the fire does start to despawn after a second lap however before that it starts to get very crowded fast so make sure everyone has a self heal of some sorts and to roll out of any fire if they become trapped.

Keeper Vornail

The next boss is basically a tank and spank apart from the two healer adds which need to be nuked down fast and that the boss hits like a truck his normal attacks are like another bosses heavy attacks and his heavy attacks will basically one shot anyone who isn’t the tank if they don’t block. So you can pretty much guess the tank has to block every single heavy attack he does and it’s just good principle to block the normal ones as well. Another thing to watch out for Is that he will spin his two handed mace around in a circle melee DPS should avoid that as should the tank.

Keeper Imiril

Now this boss has a mechanic where she teleports around to a portal and spawns adds the first portal spawns Banekins, the second portal spawns a group of twilights(the flying daedra) but that is not what you need to lookout for the third wave spawns 3 Clannfears each with 8k health. Moving on from that she does a large AoE centred on herself the tank does not need to move out of if they make sure to block but melee DPS should.


Now the next boss fight involves not one but two upgraded harvester mobs these mobs act like the normal harvesters, frontal cone attacks, spawning 4 healing orbs each that need to be nuked down before reaching the boss and the soul drain attack where they pick you up several feet of the ground and you are unable to do anything. They have a new ability which is that a boss will be shielded for a time this shield starts on the first boss you attack then it switches over; the shielded boss will not take any damage. Now if the soul drain attack happens to the tank they will get hit by the frontal cone attacks which may kill them if they weren’t on full heath before the boss picked them up so healer be wary of that.

High Kinlord Rilis

Now this boss is the last boss of this dungeon he is a caster that teleports around the room. Now he will target to random people with blue fire which will spawn on them and follow them for several seconds you can stop the fire from spawning if you jump at the right moment. A daedroth add will spawn accompanied by two orbs this usually happens when you are halfway through your time of him in one location do not let the orbs reach the boss otherwise he will get healed and the ad just has a conal fire breath to look out for. The last mechanic is that the boss will throw someone up into the air now this person when they land will have a debuff that can be purged or cleansed or they can go to one of the two glowing runic circles on the opposite ends of the room to remove the debuff depending on the colour surrounding their character.

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