Veteran Elden Hollow

Welcome to yet another basic guide for Veteran Dungeons.  This time we are stepping up to explore the final VR 6-10 dungeon – Elden Hollow!

As always, the guide will be split by each boss and the bold writing will be the mechanic and beneath will be the ‘tactics’.

Elden Hollow

Boss 1 – Dubroze the Infestor

  • Some caster adds come with the boss.  Boss has a Frontal Cone Fire Breath.
  • Tank aggro the boss, DPS kill the adds then move onto attacking the boss.
  • Tank keep boss facing away from the team so that they do not have to worry about the cone attack.

Boss 2 – Dark Root

  • Boss summons 2 beetle adds periodically, these drain stamina and magicka, when killed they leave a green and blue mist on the ground.
  • Focus down the adds separately to ensure the mists left are sufficiently apart from each other. You can have tank aggro and gather up to AOE everything down, however this can cause issue with the next mechanic.
  • The mist left behind gives massive increase to Stamina and Magicka regen, but only for one person standing in the mist, so Tank or melee/Bow DPS should stand in Green, Healer or Caster DPS should stand in Blue.  Assuming you kept the beetles apart when killing them, you should still be spread out nicely for next mechanic.
  • Throughout the fight, boss will do a powerful ‘laser attack from the heavens’ hits some of the party for heavy instant damage.
  • The closer everyone is to each other, the more of the team gets hit and the harder it hits.  So stay spread out for this fight to minimise the impact of this mechanic.
  • If you AOE’d the adds down together, you likely won’t want to make use of the mist left behind as it may mean your team is too close together.

Boss 3 – Azara  the Frightener 

  • Adds start in room, throughout fight shade adds will spawn and take control of a player, essentially fearing them
  • Kill adds while tank aggros boss.
  • When shades spawn, if you are targeted, Break Free
  • Consider shades a priority target – when they spawn, kill them fast
  • Does a shriek that stuns target
  • Interrupt this.  If you don’t then Break Free.
  • Does Heavy attack
  • Fairly obvious by now, block it.

Boss 4 – Murklight 

  • Front Cone attack.
  • Tank keep boss facing away from everyone else.  This attack is pretty fast, so you may find just blocking is easier than trying to avoid.
  • Smash fist on ground to spawn several red AOE circles.
  • You’ve all been playing long enough to know that Red spells Danger, so move your ass!
  • Smashes ground again, this time screen is black and white.  The red AOE circles turn white.
  • Those Red circles I told you to avoid are white now.  We all know white is good, so everyone get in the white circles!  If you don’t then heavy damage will occur.
  • Screen goes back to normal, the white AOE is Red again.
  • Sneaky boss!  Everyone get the hell out of the AOE you were just in!  If you are aHokey Cokey expert, this fight should be no issue.

You can actually just heal through the white AOE phase (I confess I only know this because we were too stupid to even think that the white AOE would be safe, so most our runs through the dungeon involved just heavy healing the phase). 

Boss 5 – The Shadow Guard 

  • Starts with caster adds.  Throughout fight he raises hand and spawns high damage ground AOEs
  • DPS kill the adds.
  • Easiest solution is to all be range and kill boss from afar, simply moving out of the AOEs when they spawn.
  • If you have melee, best tactic is to run in and fight, as soon as he raises his arms to cast AOEs, back away so that the AOE do not land next to boss.  Then move in again and continue fighting. Same goes for the tank.
  • Boss does not move.  So tank either use Inner Beast for taunts, or do the above melee tactic.

Boss 6 – Bogdan the Nightflame

 Word of warning, if you are a vampire without a fire resist jewellery enchant, then expect to spend a lot of time dead.

  • Summons Shades (same as Boss 4).
  • Like with boss 4, these shades take control of a player, so make them a priority target!  Especially important in this fight due to fire.
  • Silver Bolt can be helpful for damaging and stunning these adds.
  • Boss rears up and raises head in the air and shoots fireballs at everyone, these can form fire AOEs on the ground.
  • When that head goes up, get dodge rolling to avoid the fireball, if you do not, then the fire AOE remains on the ground for quite some time. (This was apparently a bug which was fixed in 1.5, shame really, was a fun mechanic).  Now, just try position yourselves on the edge of the area to place the flames away from the fray!
  • Boss does fire breath on tank
  • This attack is damn hard to avoid, so just accept you will be taking high spike damage.  This tends to happen shortly after the fireball, so if you have a damage shield, pop it on.
  • Bossjumps in the air, lands and deals damage to everyone, this also clears any fire on the ground.
  • This jump counts as fire damage, so Vampires beware!  Not much to do about this as everyone will take damage, so if possible get close to healer.
  • (Optional mechanic – if you destroyed scroll for achievement) – white shades spawn throughout the fight in addition to the black ones.  These heal the boss.
  • These white shades are your new top priority, kill them even before the black ones.

One of the hardest things about this fight is that everyone tends to spread about – especially if lots of fire is spawning on the ground.  This makes it very difficult for a healer to effectively keep everyone alive.  If there is a Templar in the team, regardless of role, I recommend they have Breath of Life on the bar for emergencies.  If you are a well coordinated team (something me and my friends are not!) and can stay close together, this fight is much easier.


That ends the guide on this dungeon and indeed, all the VR 6-10 dungeons.  If you have your own strategies for any of the bosses, I would love to hear them!

(If you are on the EU server and part of the Daggerfall Covenant Faction, feel free to contact @asteldian in game if you are wanting help running Veteran dungeons, any role, any class is welcome)

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