Veteran Fungal Grotto

ESO Veteran Fungal Grotto dungeon guide with detailed walkthroughs and videos.eso-veteran-fungal-grotto-dungeon-map


Veteran Fungal Grotto Boss Map


A Note about the dungeon

Veteran Fungal Grotto is not exactly friendly to Werewolves as some of the spiders there uses poison attacks. Just something to be aware for tanks. It is slightly harder of the three VR5 dungeons and some of the fights are more mechanics focused. Ranged DPS are favored for some fights due to the amount of stuff on the ground that can make melee DPSing a bit harder.

Mephala’s Fang

HP: 39726


Mephala’s Fang is the first boss you will encounter and this fight is quite unfriendly to werewolves due to the amount of poison attacks. She comes with two humanoid healer adds that should be killed by DPS ASAP and rest of the fight involves avoiding her poison circles and her frontal poison spray. Ranged DPS is favored.

Video (Tanking PoV)


1. Adds

She comes with two healer adds that are easily handled by DPS and should be killed first.

2. Poison Circles

She will drop about 3-4 poison circles in a row in the fight area around the position of the tank. Tanks will need to move out of them as they can tick for 400-500 damage per tick. Make sure you don’t cut off rest of the group while dragging Mephala around.


3. Poison Spray

In addition to the Poison circles, Mephala’s Fang also have a frontal poison spray attack that is fairly infrequent but should be avoided by sidestepping if possible.


4. Corpse Feeding

If a group member do happen to die and isn’t resurrected immediately, she may run to that corpse and feed to heal up. You can interrupt her when this happens to stop the feeding.


Gamyne Bandu

HP: 115868


Gamyne Bandu is a very mechanics based fight and can sometimes be quite buggy, adding to the difficulty of the fight.

Video (Tanking PoV)

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

When Gamyne Bandu’s hands start to glow, she will cast a beam between two group members and they need to move away from each other immediately to avoid the damage. Four shadow tormentors will appear from time to time, tying one group member down. You need to all focus DPS and kill one of the four before that group member dies. When Gamyne disappears, she will summon four Obsidian Aspects that need to be crowd controlled and killed quickly.


Gamyne usually cycle through the Beam, Chains and Obsidian Aspects attack in sequence but sometimes she can bug out and perform the chains and Obsidian Aspects mechanics at the same time, greatly enhancing the difficulty of the fight.

1. Beam

When Gamyne’s hands begin to glow, everyone should move away from each other as she will cast a beam between two group members. These two group members need to stay away from each other to avoid damage. The beam only lasts for a few seconds.


2. Chains

Four shadow tormentors will spawn and pick one random group member to pin them down. Rest of the group must go and free this member by picking one shadow tormentor (3300 HP) and kill it before the spike in the air drops on the pinned player. This requires some coordination by having everyone attacking the same shadow tormentor. This mechanic can cause some issues if the group is low on HP and the healer gets pinned down.


3. Obsidian Aspects

Gamyne will disappear and summon four Obsidian Aspects, each with around 3300 HP. These guys have a lot of hard hitting attacks so it is best to save your AoE and crowd control abilities such as Volcanic Runes (morph of Fire Rune) from the Mage guild skill line for this mechanic.


Tanking Considerations

Tanks need to block the charge up attack from Gamyne. It will take about 40% of your HP and knock you back if you do not block it.


Ciirenas the Shepherd

HP: 22070


Cirrenas is an easy boss fight where it is preferred to kill the boss first rather than the three spider adds as she can cast off some nasty spells if she is left alive for too long. Volcanic Runes and other AoE crowd control abilities are great for the spider adds (13518 HP) as you can effectively stop them from doing any damage.

Video (Tanking PoV)

Spawn of Mephala

HP: 143455


Spawn of Mephala is a fight with lots of movement that favors ranged DPS. There is a lot of avoidable damage and even an avoidable mechanic that can speed up this fight.

Video (Tanking PoV)

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

Kite her in a line near the bridge well away from the portal that opens up in the back. Tanks and melee DPS need to run away from her immediately when she starts to glow to avoid her red circle. Also watch out for light beams and avoid their red circles. Stay away from the little cave in the back as a portal resides there that can suck you in to fight spiders.


1. Portal

There is a portal at the back of the room where the little cave in is. This portal will suck in the closest player to it and have them fight a roomful of spiders. You can avoid this mechanic by kiting Spawn of Mephala in a line near the bridge and have everyone stay well away from the portal location.


2. Red circle (from boss)

When Spawn of Mephala starts to glow purple, immediately start running away from her. A red circle will expand from under her and explodes on anyone caught in it, dealing quite a bit of damage (half HP of a tank). This circle is extremely fast so you need to watch for her glow and start running as soon as you see it. This red circle mostly concern tanks and melee DPS


3. Light beam red circles

In addition to the explosion from the boss, players need to beware of red circles from the light beams that patrol the area. If the light beams touch anyone, a red circle will expand from that light beam and deals damage to anyone caught in it. Sometimes the red circles from the boss and light beams can coincide, likely one shotting anyone caught in them.


Tanking Considerations

Tanks need to be aware of a knockback from Spawn of Mephala. It is a blue bolt that knocks you off quite a bit. I tend to taunt immediately after this as there might be a threat loss mechanic associated with it.


Reggr Dark-Dawn

HP: 52968


Before engaging Reggr, make sure you clear the room of the Obsidian warriors on either side of the room. Reggr will not aggro while you clear them out. Reggr hits extremely hard and has a magicka drain so healers should have some magicka pots to replenish their magicka after the drain.

Make sure you activate the Obsidian Husk after killing Reggr or the last boss won’t spawn.

Video (Tanking PoV)


1. Whirling Attack

Reggr has a whirling attack that is fairly easy to avoid. It is a small red circle that you just need to run out of.


2. Pull & Magicka Drain

Reggr’s second mechanic is an attack where he will pull everyone in and drain their magicka and small amounts of HP. This can be an issue for healers as they can get all of their magicka drained. Magicka potions help here to rapidly restore the lost magicka.


Tanking Considerations

Reggr hits extremely hard and if you do not block his charge up attack, you are in for an instant one shot. Even when blocked, this attack still hits for ~700 damage. Only tanks can take this attack as other players will likely get one shot even if they block the attack.


Vila Theran

HP: 99315


Vila Theran is spawned by interacting with the Obsidian Husk behind Reggr. Her fight favors ranged DPS and requires a bit of coordination.

Video (Tanking PoV)

Quick Mechanics (for copy/pasting in chat)

Have everyone stack together and use ranged attacks to damage her (this includes ranged taunt). When she teleports to you, she will drop 3 circles on where everyone is standing. Run to the other side of the room when this happens as the circles will slowly expand and kill you. When she does her lightning beam attack. run into the bubble to cleanse the DoT and then run back to where you were.


Vila Theran has exactly two mechanics to be aware of.

1. Expanding red circles

Everyone should be stacked together and use ranged attacks so that when Vila Theran teleports to the group and drop 3 red circles, they are all located in the same spot. Once this happens, everyone move as a group to the other side of the room and repeat. These red circles will slowly expand and deals a ton of damage to anyone caught in it.

Do not stand inside the bubble as you risk her teleporting to the bubble and place a red circle there. This will severely handicap you for her second mechanic.


2. Lightning Beam

She has a very clear casting animation followed by connecting beams to all group members. When this happens, run to the bubble to cleanse the DoT and immediately run back to where you were. Do not linger inside the bubble as you risk having her teleporting inside the bubble.

The lightning beam animation is a bit buggy as the attack is a DoT but the beams will still connect to you after you have cleansed it (it deals no damage).


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