Looking for Wednesday Night Raid Leader

At the moment raids are running 6 days a week with only Wednesday not currently taken. Our raid leaders at the moment are Kilnerdyne, Uzzgrock, MaxTM, Maxime & HeroRusty. They carry the guild at the moment with some help occasionally, but we need more raid leaders. Usually on Friday & Saturday Nights we have 2 groups up and at the moment are struggling to get enough raid leaders there every week.

Those people listed above have done more than enough for LND yet they still keep giving more. Now we need your input aswell, for you to think about taking over the lead once in a while to share the burdens.

What we need

A raid leader who can take over Wednesday night raids on a permanent basis.

  • The start time can be anywhere between 6pm-9pm GMT.
  • You can run any veteran time trial you like.
  • Experience as a raid leader is preferred but not neccessary.

If you can reliably attend every wednesday then you can use the form below to apply.

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