Wolfhunter – Moon Hunter Keep Preview

The once-proud stronghold of the Order of the Silver Dawn has fallen to the powerful werewolf Vykosa and her band of monsters. Learn about Moon Hunter Keep, one of the two new dungeons coming with the Wolfhunter DLC game pack, in this preview article.

The Stronghold has Fallen

Situated in northern Reaper’s March, Moon Hunter Keep served for years as a base of operations for the werewolf hunters known as the Order of the Silver Dawn. Heavily fortified both inside and out, at first glance, the stronghold appears impregnable to assault. However, the unthinkable has happened, and the very beasts the Order has sworn to destroy have managed to infiltrate the keep and overwhelm its defenders.

Moon Hunter Keep’s monsters

For the Order, this is not just a loss of one of their key strongholds, but a complete and demoralizing defeat.

“Moon Hunter Keep was the central location where the Silver Dawn operated in Reaper’s March. From there, they would coordinate their movements and activities across the entire region,” explains Mike Finnigan, ESO’s Dungeon Lead. “This loss dealt a blow to the organization and their ability to respond to threats in the surrounding areas, but, more importantly, it’s also a symbolic defeat in that the very creatures they hunt have now taken over their bastion.”

Anybody familiar with the keeps and fortifications of Cyrodiil will recognize the tall walls and strong gates of the garrison.

“With this new dungeon, we really wanted to sell the idea that this was a keep with a specific purpose,” says Finnigan. “We wanted its sections to be clearly defined, from the initial holding pens and cells to the library and eventually the overlook.”

Now, the ancient werewolf known as Vykosa controls Moon Hunter Keep, and from her new base of operations, she has begun to draw her fellow lycanthropes to her cause. You and your team must mount your own assault on the keep, expel the werewolf invaders, and put a stop to Vykosa’s insidious plans.

Infiltrate the Fortress

The fortifications of Moon Hunter Keep once served to defend the werewolf hunters from assault, but now, its narrow spaces present a unique danger to you and your team.

“Moon Hunter Keep features a lot of tight hallways that then open to larger rooms where enemies wait in ambush,” says Finnigan. “Its corridors and interlocking doors speak to the keep’s defensive design, and players must be careful when navigating its halls.”

All manner of vicious monsters now roam the keep. These beasts include plenty of lycanthropes, including giant hulking werewolves, but there are also other wild and magical creatures, too.

Put down the ferocious Mylene

“Whenever we develop a dungeon, we are always thinking about the monsters and NPCs that could populate it,” says Finnigan. “We try to vary the monsters that players will fight to provide variety in fighting and tactics, and they need to reflect the dungeon’s story, too.”

Moon Hunter Keep not only tells the story of how Vykosa recruits her forces, but it also reveals the army that she has already gathered over the years. Not limited to her fellow werewolves, she also employs powerful magicka users, creatures that can bend and use nature, and more.

In addition to the roaming beasts, this new dungeon features five challenging bosses that you and your team must face. This includes the monstrous werewolf Mylene, who summons packs of wolves to fight for her and gradually becomes more and more dangerous as the battle progresses.

“When developing Mylene, we wanted her to reflect what player werewolves can currently do in game,” explains Finnigan. “She’ll become enraged during the fight, boosting both her attack and defense, and depending on how well you are doing, you’ll need to cleanse that enrage in order to overcome her.”

Just like players who make use of the Werewolf Skill Line, if you allow Mylene to build up momentum, she threatens to completely overwhelm you and your group.

Your team will also find a great challenge in Vykosa herself. While a powerful werewolf in her own right, her chained wolves must be carefully managed by the team’s tank, lest they savage an out-of-position damage dealer or (gasp!) the healer.  

Beware Vykosa’s loyal beasts!

When assaulting this new dungeon, your team will face a horde of monsters, beasts, and magical creatures, and you never know what danger is lurking around the next bulwark.  

Raid and Plunder

When you brave the halls of Moon Hunter Keep and liberate the fortress from the clutches of Vykosa, you and your team will find ample rewards for your efforts.

In addition to unique Trophy and Bust collectibles that are awarded for completing the dungeon on Normal and Veteran difficulties, you can also earn the Sable Man-Beast skin when you complete the “Moon Hunter Keep Challenger” achievement. This new skin will ensure everybody knows that within your character beats the heart of a wild beast!

Moon Hunter Keep also features three new unique armor sets that are themed to the monsters that you just vanquished. For example, the Savage Werewolf set allows your Light and Heavy attacks to cause your enemy to bleed for considerable Physical Damage, making your transformed werewolf attacks even more vicious.

Finally, this new dungeon also offers a new Monster Mask. The Vykosa mask, when coupled with the shoulders acquired from Urgarlag Chief-bane’s Undaunted Chest, increases your healing taken and applies Major Maim to a taunted enemy, allowing a tank to better manage an enemy’s damage output.

Liberate the Keep

Vykosa’s forces grow stronger, and soon, her ferocious army will be ready to march. It is time to drive the monsters out of Moon Hunter Keep and liberate the headquarters of the Order of the Silver Dawn. Are you prepared to face Vykosa and her were-beasts? Head to Twitter @TESOnline and Facebook and tell us what you think of Moon Hunter Keep!

The Wolfhunter DLC game pack is coming soon for ESO Plus members and the in-game Crown Store. Look for it on August 13 for PC/Mac, and August 28 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

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